Laurelswood Pet Services 2015
Laurelswood Dog Training 2015
These can be one-off or regular visits, tailored to suit you and your pets’ needs.

Whether you are out for the day, or away on holiday, I can visit your pets at home to feed them, let them outside if needed, check they have clean water etc.
Whilst this allows your pet to stay within the comforts of your own home, I can also provide additional services that will help your home to keep that “lived in” look if you are away (please note our vehicles are not sign written to advertise our services whilst parked outside your home!).  Whilst on site, I can also take in your post, open/close curtains, alternate lighting between rooms, water house plants etc. 

Pet/home visits can therefore include:

•Cleaning of litter trays and cages
•Providing fresh water and food
•Watering of indoor and patio plants (greenhouses are charged extra according to the time taken)
•Alternating lighting between rooms and closing of curtains or blinds
•Bringing in post 
•Elderly pet care and those with special needs
•Putting bins out for collection
•Cleaning areas used by pets
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