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My passion in life has always been dogs/animals - as a child I grew up surrounded by piglets, lambs, ducks and a pet donkey (Delilah)!  Being allowed my first dog at the age of 11, I have now been involved in the sport of Competitive Dog Obedience for over 30 years, and my passion for this wonderful hobby is as strong today as ever.
I compete regularly during the show season around the UK with my own dogs, and also judge up to Championship status.

I instruct competitive obedience handlers and their dogs, both in small groups and private lessons, both of which I gain great pleasure from especially when seeing those all important improvements!

Below are my dogs, both past and present, all of whom have taught me so much, whether it be new methods, patience and quite often a good sense of humour:
"Laurel” (Obedience Champion Driftway Laurel CDex, UDex, WD) – Working Sheepdog – the first love of my life who took me from beginners to Crufts!

“Tizi” (Per Per Per Penguin) – Border Collie – a picture perfect Collie, who dedicated her life to being devoted to my Laurel!

“Chequer” (Obedience Champion Darkbeck Tri Again) – Working Sheepdog – a truly wonderful dog who went on to win the obedience at Crufts in 2000

“Chevvy” (Obedience Champion Minka Inspiration Chivvy) – Belgian Shepherd – the heart and soul of my life and home, with an amazing sense of humour!!

“Jagger” (Obedience Champion Its Just Jagger) – Working Sheepdog – my beautiful girl, who gave me her all and ruled the boys in my house with a rod of steel!

“Wiggy” (Obedience Champion Myall Kanya Tri Again) – Standard Poodle – although now retired from competing, she continues to light up every day with antics and unique character!

“Java” (Kanya Keep Kool) – German Shepherd – my gorgeous girl, currently competing, whose life revolves around going from one football to the next!
“Usher” (Obedience Champion Sarkam Rap It Up) – Working Sheepdog – truly a mummy's boy! He currently competes in obedience and has gained not only CDex and UD open in Working Trails, but has also reached IPG 2 in Schutzhund.
“Kanga” (Sarkam That's A Rap) – Working Sheepdog – sister to Usher, she is my constant shadow and keeps her brother in line!
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