Laurelswood Pet Services 2015
Laurelswood Dog Training 2015
Dog Walking, Dog Training & Pet Care Services
Puppy Training Classes
The puppy training (for puppies up to 10 months) will be over an 8 week course.  Please bring a good quantity of enticing titbits with you!  The course will cover the following:

Dog Training for Adult Dogs
The adult training class is ideal for those who have completed the puppy training and wish to progress, or those with older dogs wishing to brush up on their skills!  These will be ‘rolling’ classes enabling you to come with your dog for as long as you need/enjoy it!

Alternatively you may prefer a private lesson/s - these can either be in your own home, or outside on a walk if needed.  Both practical help and advice will be given for any problems you may be having.
•Name response, leading to
•Recall training
•Loose lead walking
•Basic sit, down and wait commands
•Food manners